Basics of Electrical Substation

Date & Duration : 1 Day


The purpose of this course is to give exposure of substation and its components to all personnel working in the substation business unit of KEC. This is an introductory course which is useful to identify and understand the substation / equipments, components and their purpose in the entire set up.

This course will build confidence of all people to understand and deal with technical terminologies used in the substation business which will help to talk the global language with all stakeholders including employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, consultants, and management people.

On completion of course, participants will be able to select type of substations and bus bar configurations and will be able to understand/ prepare Single line diagrams for substation.


  • Have Fundamental knowledge of electrical substations
  • Understand electrical substation components, its purpose and operating principles
  • Select substation type by comparing various options
  • Select appropriate bus bar configuration
  • Understand and interpret SLD and prepare key SLD
  • Prepare substation layout for AIS and for GIS with necessary interface between GIS and associated Air insulated equipment for GIS conforming the requirement of relevant codes, standards & statutory requirements

Who should Attend

Personnel working in all departments including Engineering, Projects, Design, Purchase, Quality, Human Resources, Accounts.
It is also useful for all departments’ new recruits / freshers

Course Contents

  • Types of substation based on insulation medium
  • Different types of Bus bar configurations; their merits and demerits
  • Codes and standards for design & installation of substations for different voltages
  • Air clearances recommended by IEC standard specification for different voltages
  • Sub Station Layout of AIS and GIS for different bus bar configurations
  • Single Line Diagram(SLD) showing substation equipment, their ratings and protections
  • Interface of GIS with other Air insulated substation equipment
  • Statutory and safety requirements for clearances, earthing of equipment and maintenance of equipment