Process Engineering
  • Detailed Process Engineering such as P & I diagrams of process and utilities, utilities summary, process description, Equipment sizing and process data sheets, Line sizing, pump sizing and selection, material and energy balance calculations using various software tools.
  • P&I diagram development and process description
    P&I organisation – symbols and nomenclature, Process control schemes, preliminary instrumentation specification, tag number generation system & specification, identification and demarcation of process units from application software engg perspective
Application Engineering
  • Preparation of quality plan through the application of software development methodology based on project life cycle model
  • Requirement and functional design specifications
  • Factory acceptance test specifications
Control System Engineering
  • Programmable control system configuration and selection – specification of processors, operator and management work stations
  • Supervisory control system software (platform) selection/specification
  • Instrumentation detailed engineering – data sheets, wiring and interconnection diagrams
  • I/O lists, system architecture and block diagrams
  • Specifications of auxiliary devices – local operator terminals and panels
Process Engineering
  • Process and equipment investigations for existing plants and processes for debottlenecking and/or optimisation of operating parameters from a quality or capacity improvement perspective.
Process Control Engineering
  • Process control loop design, troubleshooting for performance improvement
  • Performance audit of existing instrumentation and control systems
  • Feasibility analysis for investments into instrumentation & control systems, identification of key performance indicators
  • Need identification and specification of advanced regulatory control schemes – cascade, ratio/ bias, feed forward, adaptive
  • Need identification, development and specification of advanced control strategies
Integration of control systems with production management or business systems
  • Requirement and functional design specifications
  • Detailed engineering of a specific level 2/3 project