Electrical Switchgear Selection & Operation


Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand substation and electrical power system equipments and components
  • Have knowledge on switchgears including isolators, circuit breakers etc.
  • Learn specifications, design, selection, construction, testing, and maintenance of switchgears
  • Do swichgear selection and maintenance
  • Learn proper maintenance and performance assessment of switchgears

Energy conservation and optimum performance of electrical power systems is the need of the hour considering the escalated and ever increasing costs of energy. A healthy power system consisting of generation, transmission and distribution is necessary for uninterrupted power supply.
This is an introductory course to understand the basic components of the electrical power system. The course is aimed at building knowledge related to Switchgears and their design, specifications, selection, construction, testing and maintenance.


Module 1
Basics of Electrical Engineering
Voltage Wave Forms
Power In A.C. Circuits
Electrical Sub Station
Electrical Network
Functions of a Substation
Substation Layouts
Locations, Housing
Types, Classification
Functions, Safety

Module 2
Circuit Breakers
Circuit Breaker Fundamentals
Fault Clearing Process
Specifications of CB
Classification by quenching Media
Working and details of various types of Circuit Breakers.

Module 3
Types of isolators
Construction material
Technical details
Switchgear Panels Tests
Type tests
Routine tests
Acceptance tests
Failure and Maintenance, and Tests of Circuit Breakers
Preventive Measures for Avoiding CB Failures
Stringent quality checks during manufacturing
Condition monitoring checks during service
Breaker operation checks
Details of CB Tests

Module 4
Maint. Schedule
Protection Systems
Common Tests
Differential relays
Under voltage relay
Retrofitting of CBs
Failure of Circuit Breaker
Technical Specifications

Module 5
Background & Technical Definitions
Potential problems with switchgear
Precautions for reducing the risk of switchgear failure and injury
Fault clearance
Failure Modes of OCB
Condition-based maintenance
Frequency of maintenance
Diagnostic Testing

Electrical and Power engineers, Project Engineers, Maintenance Engineers and Supervisors and operating staff of electrical sub stations will find this course very useful for enhancing their knowledge related to electrical systems, components and switchgears.