Erectionof Sub StationEquipment

Date & Duration : 2 Days


Erection of substation equipment is a very important activity of a substation project. The purpose of this course is to understand the best practices of substation equipment erection.

Upon completion of this course the participant will understand the importance and methods of equipment handling, storage and erection.

It will help in proper erection and installation of substation equipment by avoiding errors and potential problems. This will result in improved quality of erection, optimum time, efforts and money and will contribute to increased efficiency and savings.


Upon completion of the Training, the participants will

  • understand the importance and methods of handling and storing substation equipment
  • be able to read and correlate civil foundation drawings with erection of substation equipment
  • be able to verify correctness of the civil foundations and other civil works for installation of electrical equipment as per construction drawings
  • know the methods of erection of structures, gantries and equipment including safety considerations during erection and correlate procedures mentioned in erection manuals of substation equipment provided by manufacturers
  • know the importance and method of transformer oil storage and filtration preservation
  • understand the oil BDV testing and effects of moisture content on BDV and will be able to decide acceptable parameter
  • be able to lay earth mat and earth pits as per design document
  • be able to carry out earth resistance measurements by adopting testing methods recommended by IEEE 998 standard and decide adequacy based on acceptance criteria

Who should Attend

Personnel working in all departments including Engineering, Projects, Design, Purchase, Quality, Human Resources, Accounts.
It is also useful for all departments’ new recruits / freshers.


  • Handling & storage of substation equipments
  • Civil works in substation for equipment erection, storage of burnt oil, substation fence
  • Erection of steel supporting structures
  • Erection of equipments
  • Transformer oil preservation & filtration
  • Installation of Earth mat & earth pits
  • Recommended methods for Measurement of earth resistance in IEEE998 standard, their merits and demerits
  • Erection, jointing & termination of power, control & Fiber optic cables
  • Safety precautions during erection
  • Challenges likely to be faced during erection