Factory Acceptance Tests

Date & Duration : 1 Day


Factory Acceptance tests are carried out at Manufacturers premises prior to dispatch of equipment. It is vital to ensure that equipment cleared for dispatch meets technical specification as per contract and tested by adopting test procedure as per relevant IEC standards. The purpose of this course is to familiarise with various Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and the acceptance criteria for substation equipment.

Upon completion of this course the participant will have knowledge of FAT and will be able to accept or reject equipment based on FAT result.

This course will build confidence of all people to understand and deal with technical aspects involved in FAT. It will contribute to timely execution of the project since the acceptance or rejection will happen in advance in manufacturer’s works before dispatch of equipment. It will help to identify potential faults or problems before hand which will save lot of time, money and efforts.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this module participant will

  • Know the various Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) to be carried out on each substation equipment as per applicable IEC standard specifications
  • Know the test procedures for various tests as per applicable IEC standards
  • Analyze and evaluate test results and decide on acceptable/ rejection of equipment based on acceptable values as per technical specification in contract and IEC standard
  • Understand various Diagnostics tests/ measurements carried out on substation equipment for reference during pre-commissioning and preventive maintenance
  • Will be able to correlate the site test results with reference diagnostic test results

Who should Attend

Personnel working in all departments including Engineering, Projects, Design, Operation, Maintenance, Purchase, Quality, Human Resources..
It is also useful for all departments’ new recruits / freshers.

Course Contents

  • FAT reports preparation & records keeping
  • Physical inspection and verification of BOQ as per approved drawings
  • Verification of calibration of test instruments
  • FAT as per Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and applicable IEC standard specification
  • Diagnostic measurements for reference during commissioning
  • Compilation of test results and documentation of FAT