Indoor Medium Voltage (MV) Substation Equipment

Duration : 2 Day


Medium voltage equipment is widely used in an electrical substation. The purpose of this course is to introduce with various medium voltage substation equipment to personnel working in the substation business unit of KEC. This course is useful to identify select, size and operate and maintain medium voltage substation equipment.

Upon completion of this course the participant will have the ability to carry out calculations for sizing and specifying MV substation equipment, understand constructional features and operating principle of MV equipment.

This course will build confidence of all people to understand and work with technical details of the MV indoor/ outdoor substation equipment and help to build confidence in dealing with all stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Training, the participants will:

  • be able to calculate auxiliary load, size and select rating of Auxiliary Transformer
  • be able to carry out short and voltage drop calculations to decided technical specification of auxiliary transformer and associated MV switchgear
  • understand the constructional features and operating principle of different types of Medium Voltage Switchgear including Vacuum and SF6 Circuit Breakers and select appropriate type of circuit breaker
  • understand constructional features of MV switchgear panels and specification of components of MV switchgear such as CTs. PTs , protection relays
  • understand the criteria for sizing DC battery and battery chargers and prepare specifications for DC system
  • Select rating and prepare specifications for low voltage MCC and PCC and distribution boards
  • prepare medium voltage substation layout

Who should Attend

Personnel working in all departments including Engineering, Projects, Design, Operation, Maintenance, Purchase, Quality, Human Resources, and Accounts.
It is also useful for all departments’ new recruits / freshers.

Course Contents

  • Load list and sizing calculations for auxiliary transformers
  • Short and voltage drop calculations for selection of impedance and tap range of transformer
  • Selection of rating of MV switchgear and specifications of MV indoor and outdoor switchgear
  • MV circuit breaker types, operating principles and constructional features
  • Comparison between Vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers
  • Components of MV switchgear such as CTs. PTs, LAs, their operating principles, ratings and specifications
  • Numerical protection relays for MV switchgear
  • Sizing and selection of DC battery and battery chargers
  • Constructional features for Low voltage PCCs. MCCs and Distribution boards, their ratings and specification
  • Layout of MV indoor and outdoor substation