Power & Control and Communication Cables and Control Panels

Duration : 1 Day

Course Purpose

Cables are extensively used in substation for transmitting electrical power and control and data signals. It is imperative to have knowledge of cables for a person associated with the substation business unit of KEC.

Upon completion of this course the participant will have knowledge of selecting, sizing of power, control and communication cables. Participant will be able to draw cable route and optimize cable lengths. Participants will get basic knowledge of control panel design and understand constructional features

This course will enhance the knowledge to optimise the power, control and communication cable applications in substation. It will also help to understand and use control panels for remote control of substation equipment .

Learning Objectives

At the end of this module participant will

  • know the constructional features of power, control and communication cables and their specifications as per applicable IEC standard
  • be able to select type of cable and calculate the cable size and prepare specifications
  • know various tests for evaluating performance of normal and FRLS cables as per IEC standard specification
  • be able to prepare a power and control cable schedule
  • be able to prepare cable trench and cellar layout for installation of cables
  • know the practices and methods of cable laying and jointing/termination and
  • be able to prepare installation diagrams for cables
  • be able to design control panels ,prepare specifications based on operating philosophy and prepare related documentation
  • do panel sizing and ergonomics
  • conduct various tests on control panels

Who should Attend

Personnel working in all departments including Engineering, Projects, Design, Operation, Maintenance, Purchase, Quality.
It is also useful for all departments’ new recruits / freshers.

Course Outline

  • Types of power, control and communication cables and their constructional features
  • Current ratings, de rating factors, specification, Selection & sizing and testing of cables
  • Testing of normal, FRLS and Fiber optic(FO) cable cables as per IEC standard specification
  • Cable accessories, end terminations and straight through joints
  • Lying and termination of cables
  • Splicing of FO cables
  • Preparation of cable schedule and interconnection diagrams
  • g. Cable trench / cellar layout

  • Installation practices and jointing methods
  • i. Power and Control Panels

  • Control Panel sizing, specification and drawings
  • Testing of control panels